Historical Society

The Town of Washington Village of Millbrook Historical Society’s mission is to discover, collect and preserve material to help establish and/or illustrate the history of the Town of Washington, Village of Millbrook.   The society disseminates historical information to promote interest and pride in our history including its exploration, settlement, development and community activities. 

Find us on Facebook: @MillbrookHistoricalSociety
How to Join:Membership Application
Location: Village Hall, 35 Merritt Avenue, Millbrook, N.Y. 12545
President: Dianne McNeil - Questions? Email: DAMcNeil816@msn.com
Archives: Kathleen Derringer - by appointment at 845-677-4329
Donations may be mailed to:
Town of Washington Historical Society
P. O. Box 135
Millbrook, N.Y. 12545

Photographs or memorabilia you may wish to donate or loan please contact Kathleen Derringer at 845-677-4329.

Award Fund - Each year the Society gives an award to a deserving high school senior at graduation.  Donations to the Award Fund are always welcomed.

Please see the Village of Millbrook calendar for meeting and event information.

Nestling ‘mong the hills calm and serene,
Millbrook gives her grace its full display;
Impatient hounds reveal the fox at bay,
While hunters ride through endless fields of green.
Proud and stately mansions dot the scene,
And Bennett School enacts the classic play;
Here nature ruled that Beauty hold full sway,
Placing on her head the crown of queen.
O, Beauty lovers, pause and feast your eyes,
For here God placed a bit of paradise.