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Mayor Collopy
Mayor Tim Collopy
Welcome to the April 2021 newsletter.
April 2021
As this is all new, I'm still developing the ground rules by which I plan to use this newsletter, among other vehicles, to communicate what's happening in your municipal government. On April 1st, I sent out the "April Newsletter" which was dedicated to the annual budget. I now realize that in April (this year and henceforth) you deserve both a dedicated budget report and a monthly report of everything else that's going on. Therefore, I'm retroactively renaming the April 1st newsletter as "The 2021 Annual Budget Report" so that I can now proceed to present to you the April 2021 Newsletter...


The positivity rate in DC (Dutchess County) is down to 2.5% which is where we were back in 11/2020, so that is good news. Also, to-date 46% of eligible residents in DC have received 1 vaccine dose and 31% have completed vaccination. However, there are still 725 active cases being tracked in DC, the proliferation of virus variants may warrant annual "booster shots", and the probability of reaching "herd immunity" is becoming less likely, so it is difficult to project when masks & social distancing will no longer be necessary. Please stay vigilant!


New York will adopt the new CDC mask guidance for fully vaccinated people. Fully vaccinated individuals can conduct outdoor activities or gather without wearing a mask outdoors except in certain crowded settings and venues. Read the full CDC guidance.


Water Quality
We just posted the Annual Water Quality Report for 2020 on our website which was filed with NYS before the water treatment plant upgrade was completed. We passed every test of our water, including having no detectable level of lead. Additionally, starting this year NYS DOH (Dept of Health) has adopted ppt (parts per TRILLION) thresholds for 3 water contaminants: PFOA, PFOS, & dioxane which come primarily from non-stick-pan materials, fire-fighting foam, and solvents, respectively. We are now required to submit samples for testing of these 3 contaminants on a quarterly basis. On 2/15/2021, we submitted our first samples to EnviroTest Laboratories, Inc who found no detectable levels of these contaminants in our water.


The new water filtration facility continues to perform as expected with the additional benefit of filtering out very small, suspended, non-hazardous particles (further improving the quality and taste of our water). On 4/21 we were given final certification of completion by NYS DOH for this project. I am very grateful for the expertise, professionalism and dedication of the people at VRI, Delaware Engineering and their subcontractors who completed this project on budget and without any major upset - quite an accomplishment!


With this Certificate of Completion, we should be clear to get our remaining funding from NYS ($285K) & DC ($19K) to pay the outstanding invoices. Note, as I've explained before, this still leaves us with over $1M of debt which we'll be paying off over the next 15 years with money received from the water-portion of water & sewer bills.


Trustee Position
With Kevin McGrane's resignation from the board of trustees last month, we have another open slot to fill. Any interested village residents should send a letter of interest to me, Mayor Tim Collopy, at or drop off at Village Hall, 35 Merritt Ave, no later than Monday, May 10, 2021. I intend to review the list with the other trustees and make an appointment in May. Note that the appointment is only good through the remainder of this year. Both this position and that held by Trustee Buffy Arbogast will be up for election this November.


Current Fiscal Year
Our fiscal year runs from June 1st to May 31st. In January we projected some serious issues that risked us over-running our budget again this year. However, because of the action plan we put in place then and, most importantly, because of the way each employee and every trustee worked to address the exposures (and despite Mother Nature dropping 54" of snow on us at the absolute worst time!), we are going to be close. We won't know for sure until June and I can't wait to see how much our efforts helped the final numbers.


Tennis Courts/Gazebo
Fund-raising to resurface the tennis courts continues with $9995 raised to-date towards the goal of $25K.


We recently had a meeting with reps from MCSD to discuss what to do about the gazebo which stands next to the tennis courts. While it is of historic significance in the village, it has fallen to a state of disrepair such that the school has recently wrapped the guardrail in plastic fencing to deter anyone from going inside. At the meeting we agreed that it is a dangerous liability as is and we decided to do the following:
  1. Have a survey done of the gazebo, tennis courts and surrounding areas to determine which portions are owned by the village and which are owned by the school.

  2. Compile cost estimates of various scenarios from a full renovation to removal and replacement with a sitting area of benches.
Before any action is decided, we will be soliciting public input. However, we have already decided, given the severity of the disrepair, that any work will be performed by hired professionals (i.e. this does NOT qualify as a community project because of safety/liability reasons).


Repaving of Route 82 and Route 44
As you have seen, NYS is repaving Rt 82 from the Franklin Ave/Rt 343/Rt 82 stoplight to Rt 44 at IES and repaving Rt 44 from IES out to Franklin Ave. NYS DOT informed me that this project should take 3 weeks to complete and that they intend to do Rt 44 first and then Rt 82 (not both at the same time) so you should be able to travel to and from Pleasant Valley w/o major delays.


Officer Retirement
After 24 years of service to the village, Justin Scribner is retiring as a police officer for the village. Justin was our most senior officer and during his career was the Officer-in-Charge for many of those years. I wish to thank him for his dedicated service and for helping Officer-in-Charge Jared step into his position.


Trust Funds
As reported last month, we petitioned the NYS Attorney General's office to approve our request to release funds totaling $43K which were stuck in the Lamont, Haight and Nine Partner trust funds. Thanks to the work of Ian MacDonald of Mackey, Butts and Wise, we have received approval of this request and are moving these dollars into a new fund which will be dedicated for "general public improvements in the village". The trustees are now soliciting suggestions from residents of how best to use these funds.


Meet the Staff
Sgt. Jared WittSgt. Jared Witt
Officer in Charge

Hello, I am Sergeant Witt with the Village of Millbrook Police Department, a lifelong resident of Dutchess County. I completed Police Academy in 2008, and after a short stint as a DC Deputy Sheriff, I was hired here in Millbrook under Mayor Ciferri. It has been my pleasure serving this community and I would like to remind folks in case of emergency DIAL 911. To contact an officer or request service, DIAL (845) 677-8200 then follow the prompts- this number is monitored 24 hours a day by the Village of Millbrook PD and the New York State Police. Check out the Village of Millbrook Police Department's Facebook page
Meet the Trustees
Mike HerzogMike Herzog

When I moved my young family to the Village of Millbrook almost 36 years ago, I could never have dreamed I would have the privilege of being a trustee, a mayor and now a deputy mayor. I've enjoyed working on the Village Board almost as much as my 37 years teaching elementary school children. As I start serving my 10th year on the Village Board my hope is to upgrade our sewer treatment plant, turn the Thorne Building into the Thorne Building Cultural Center, and improve our sidewalks. If you have other goals or priorities for our Village, please contact me so we can discuss them.
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