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Mayor Collopy
Mayor Tim Collopy
Hello again. In this 2nd edition of my newsletter I’m adding 2 sections: “Meet the Staff” & “Meet the Trustees”. Their pic along with a short bio will give you more insight into who is doing what in your village government.
February 2021

I’m happy to report that the data has improved significantly since my last newsletter. Specifically, according to the DC COVID dashboard (which has a wealth of information available to all), the 7-day positivity rate, which was 9% a month ago, is currently at 4.3%. The number of active cases has also fallen from 2576 last month to 1083 now. While this is refreshing news, there cannot be any relaxation of necessary safety protocols: masks, social distancing, testing/contact-tracing.


The country, the state & the county continue to struggle with managing vaccine distribution because allotments are still way below requirements. Last week the county revised the application requirements to receive email or text alerts about vaccine availability. Even if you were previously receiving such alerts, everyone must fill out & submit the newVaccination Information Request Form”. For those who need help or can’t access the form online, call 845-486-3555 and choose to be connected to the DC Office of the Aging. Note that submitting this form only provides you notification when/where vaccines will be available. You still must register to get an appointment to receive the vaccine which, to-date, is only being given by DC at a few locations and by a select number of CVS & Rite-Aid pharmacies.


The Millbrook Pharmacy has requested approval to become a vaccine provider and is making plans to hold an off-site clinic for Covid-19 vaccines for the 65+ population which reside in the village and surrounding areas to be administered in a location within the village and hopes to have doses in the next few weeks.

Last Wednesday at our February meeting I announced the appointment of Buffy Arbogast to fill the trustee position I vacated when elected mayor (see “Meet the Trustees” for more).


Other highlights:

  • Kudos to our highway department who have been working diligently, including a 27 hour straight stretch, to keep our roads & sidewalks cleared. Bob Collocola reported that we’ve received 49” of snow since the January meeting!

  • The new water filtration system continues to work well. The first check/clean of the filters by Scott Osborn showed that they are also removing very small particles of iron, manganese & clay, but you still shouldn’t see or taste any difference in the quality of your water.

  • Deputy Mayor Herzog reported on the results of the police reform stakeholder group which are being codified into a set of recommendations that the board will review at the March board meeting. Thanks to the Deputy Mayor, Officer-in-Charge Witt and the following residents who participated/contributed to this effort to improve police/community rapport: Derek Davies, June Glasson & Mike Murphy.

  • Delaware Engineering submitted the formal request to NYS for funding to generate an engineering report that will detail what’s required (& for how much) to bring our sewer plant operation into the 21st century. Deputy Mayor Herzog & Trustee Contino are also pursuing grant opportunities to fund this future capital investment.

  • In the meantime, we must address the increasing cost of maintenance & repair of the current sewer system which has not had a rate increase for at least the last 5 years and has been underfunded for at least the past 2 years. Specifically, the sewer fund was $58K in the red in FY’19-‘20 and, in order to balance the sewer fund budget in the current year (FY ’20-’21), we removed $50K of maintenance/repair activity requested by VRI. It is time to both address the necessary maintenance of the current system and start building a reserve towards the future upgrade. Therefore, I proposed to the board a 20% increase in sewer rates beginning with the next billing cycle and an additional 10% the following year. Since sewer is roughly half of your total water/sewer cost, your total bill will increase about 10% & 5% respectively. Also I’m asking for an increase in the sewer Special Benefit Assessment of $10K for the next fiscal year. I intend to propose this in a resolution at the March board meeting in which we will formally discuss and then vote on my request.

  • Deputy Mayor Herzog & I met with George Whalen III last month to discuss a variety of topics of interest to the village. He provided a status of the remaining items that the LLC was working to close in order for us to transfer the Thorne building and property deed from the village to the LLC. Neither item is a concern of the village & we remain ready for the closing ASAP.

  • Similar to the sewer plant upgrade, the 1st step in seeking funding for replacement of the village sidewalks is to generate a report that describes scope & estimated cost. This kickoff will wait for the snow to clear in order to do a thorough “walk-through”.

  • The budget process for FY’21-’22 is starting this month with the clerk providing worksheets to each department head. We will be holding a series of open (via Zoom) trustee meetings starting early March to review their inputs with a goal of having a public review of the end-product by 4/15.
Meet the Staff
Sarah J. Witt
Village Clerk/Treasurer

Sarah WittHello Everyone,
I am Sarah Witt your Village Clerk/Treasurer. I started here at the Village in 2011 as Deputy Clerk and graduated to Clerk in 2016. I grew up in the Syracuse area (Go ‘Cuse!) and moved to Dutchess County in 2007. I live in this area with my husband, our four girls, and our multitude of animals. My family and I are avid football fans (Go Bills!). We absolutely love this area and love bringing up our girls in the MCSD (Go Blazers!). If you ever have a question concerning the Village, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will do my best to help you out!
Meet the Trustees
Buffy Arbogast

Buffy ArbogastGreetings,
As the newest trustee for the Village of Millbrook I would like to take a quick moment to introduce myself. I was born and raised in south Texas. I relocated to Millbrook, NY twenty years ago after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. In 2005 my wife and I opened Babette’s Kitchen. I have served on the Town of Washington Planning Board and currently I am a board member of the Millbrook Business Association. I hope my experience as a village business owner will help serve the community I now call home.

Buffy Arbogast

PS: Yes, Buffy is actually my real name
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