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Mayor Tim Collopy
Mayor Tim Collopy
Hello and welcome to my June 2021 Newsletter which contains the latest information about a variety of issues before the Village Board of Trustees. Note that, to keep the size of the newsletter to a reasonable length, not all topics are updated monthly.
June 2021
Water Main Breaks
In the last 3 weeks we've had 2 separate water main breaks. The first was detected on the Sunday before Memorial Day at the intersection of Rt 44 and Valley Farm Road in which we lost an estimated 450,000 gallons of water and water supply was shut for residents in the specific area for about 5 hours. The 2nd leak occurred last week on Old Rt 82 just south of the Flagler monument and interrupted water supply for those in the vicinity for about 2 hours. In both cases, VRI quickly responded with their own personnel plus contractors with the right skills and equipment to locate and repair the fails as quickly as possible. Despite the 1st break being in the middle of a 3-day holiday, the crew worked through the rain and into the night until the repair was fixed while the 2nd leak was fixed during normal work hours. I am incredibly grateful for the responsiveness, expertise and dedication of VRI!


I'm very happy to report that, because of the focus of our clerks and the department heads in controlling expenses, the General Fund finished the 2020-2021 fiscal year $30K in the "black" (revenues exceeded costs). While +$30K on a $1.9M budget is essentially "on budget", this is a significant improvement from our mid-year forecast before we instituted special controls to reduce projected overruns.

Additionally, we were able to return monies to the General Fund that were borrowed by the Water and Sewer Funds in prior years (about $50K and $60K, respectively), thereby improving the health of our General fund balance. Now that the fiscal year has ended (as of 5/31) and the village tax bills have been mailed, the Clerks have started working on our Annual Update Document (AUD) which is submitted annually to the NYS Comptroller's Office for their review and approval.


Monthly Board Meetings
When the pandemic hit last year, the board of trustees stopped meeting in-person and instead started holding meetings via "Zoom". Unfortunately, the logistics prevented us from broadcasting these meetings live on Channel 22 so instead we have been offering residents the opportunity to participate via Zoom and then we have been posting the video on our website a few days later. This month we started also broadcasting via "YouTube Live" so anyone can also watch real-time (with a slight delay). Subscribe to our channel.

Now that NYS has lifted the state of emergency due to the pandemic, I want to return to in-person meetings. However, given the desire, especially among us elderly people, to continue social distancing, we are now evaluating whether it is possible to move the broadcast equipment to the firehouse at a reasonable cost so that we can spread out, include residents, and once again broadcast live on Channel 22.


Street Paving
In early July, Peckham Industries will be repaving Bennett Commons Way, Exmoore Lane, and Cullen Lane in the Village. There will be road closures for both milling (removing the old road surface) and paving of the new surface. Please note that these are tentative dates, weather permitting.

Road work to begin June 30th on
Bennett Common Way, Exmoore Lane & Cullen Lane

Please be advised that there will be NO PARKING on those streets from
4 AM Wednesday, June 30th until 6 PM Thursday, July 1st and
4 AM Tuesday, July 6th until 6 PM Wednesday, July 7th

Violators will be towed at owners expense.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the
Village of Millbrook Department of Public Works at 845-677-3022

Thank you for your cooperation.


Tennis Court Resurfacing
The fundraising has been an incredible success as to-date we have just passed $22K. Therefore, we are now ready to solicit bids (we need a minimum of 3 quotes per our procurement policy). While we received a bid over a year ago of $22K, labor and material costs as well as the size and number of cracks on the court have increased since then. Also, given the boom in construction activity, we are probably looking at job-completion next season, not this year.

If you would like to donate please visit for more information.


Village Trash
The village has 8 cans along Franklin Avenue which are for the disposal of hand-held cups, bottles, and containers leftover from purchases at our village businesses. It is illegal to use them for the disposal of household trash. With the start of the summer months and the increased volume of visitors in the Village, Welsh Sanitation has agreed to empty the cans twice each week (instead of just once). Please help us keep the village clean by using the cans (and if the nearest one is full, proceeding to the next one instead of leaving the trash on the ground). Also, please pick up after your dog using the plastic bags that are placed on posts throughout the village (most people are very diligent, but it only takes 1 to make quite a mess) and please take the baggie with you, do not leave it on the ground.


Millbrook Community Day
The Millbrook Business Association is planning a restart of our annual Community Day. This year it will be on September 18th so save the date and we will have more details available soon.

If you would like to volunteer please contact


Millbrook Electric has asked Central Hudson to assist in diagnosing the faults in the lines servicing the defective lights. Millbrook Electric also reported that whenever a fixture fails, they have been replacing it with a new fixture that uses a long-lasting LED bulb at reduced electric cost.


3 new trees have recently been planted. The Shade Tree Commission recommended to the board of trustees where new trees should be planted based on where trees were recently removed. Note that even though we will grind up the trunks of all felled trees, a new tree will not grow where an old tree has been removed.


Millbrook Historic Society
Most records held by the Millbrook Historic Society are stored in the basement of the Village Hall. However, the society's files are about to exceed the available room so we have made half of the upstairs courtroom available for their expansion and they will begin using the new space this summer. The remaining half of the courtroom continues to be reserved for planning board and zoning board records.


Meet the Staff
Geoff Horton
Geoff Horton
Highway Department

Hello, my name is Geoff Horton. I have been working for the highway department for 22 years. I have lived in the village for 12 years raising 2 daughters.
Darrin Buonocore
Darrin Buonocore
Highway Department

Hi! I'm Darrin Buonocore. I have worked for the village highway department for 10 years. I enjoy working for the village and the crew that I work with.
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