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Planning Board Members
There are two vacancies on the Planning Board. This is your opportunity to be involved with your community. Send a letter of intent as to why you’d like to join, qualifications and a little bio about yourself. From there you’ll meet with the Mayor. Email –, drop off at Village Hall or mail – PO Box 349, Millbrook, NY 12545. Looking forward to meeting you.

Zoning Board Member
There is one vacancy on the Zoning Board. This is your opportunity to be involved with your community. Send a letter of intent as to why you’d like to join, qualifications and a little bio about yourself. From there you’ll meet with the Mayor. Email –, drop off at Village Hall or mail – PO Box 349, Millbrook, NY 12545.
The Village of Millbrook has begun picking up live Christmas trees.

Residents must place their live trees curbside for pick-up. Please do not place trees in the road.

Please note that everything must be removed from the tree in order for it to be picked up. We will not accept trees still containing decorations, tinsel, lights, tree stands or other items.

This program is for LIVE trees only. No artificial trees will be picked up.

The Village Highway Department will pick-up trees through January 31st. There is no set schedule for this program.

Transforming the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes and revitalizing our communities. Rebuilding Together Dutchess County provides critical repairs, accessibility modifications and energy efficiency improvements for low-income homeowners, including seniors, persons living with disability, families with children and active or retired members of the armed services. These services are provided at no cost to the homeowner.

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Village of Millbrook
Tax Warrant

To: Sarah J. Witt, Village Clerk

YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to receive and collect from the several persons named in the tax roll hereunto annexed, the several sums stated in the last column hereof opposite their respective names, being a total of $970,861.69
For Current Budget $919,516.00
Omitted Taxes $483.88
For Sewer Benefit Assessment $30,000.00
For unpaid water rents $8,280.96
For unpaid sewer rents $12,580.85

YOU ARE FURTHER HEREBY COMMANDED to receive and collect such sums without additional charge between the first day of June and the first day of July 2016, both inclusive; and thereafter to collect with each of the sums as have not been heretofore collected, and additional charge of five per centum for the first month or fraction thereof and pursuant to Chapter 541 of the Laws of 1983, the variable interest rate as established by the State Tax Commissioner.

YOUR ARE FURTHER COMMANDED to file with Dutchess County Real Property on or about the first day of November 2016 an account of the taxes remaining due and unpaid; describing each parcel of real property upon which taxes are unpaid, showing the person or persons to whom the parcel is assessed and showing as to each parcel the amount of tax unpaid.

Rodney Brown

Dated: May 19, 2017

During the period beginning December 1st and extending through March 31st, no vehicles may be parked in or upon any Village street between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Our annual leaf pickup program is underway from October 1st and will run until December 1st.  Residents are asked to place leaves curbside in wind rows for collection.  Please do not place brush curbside or co-mingle with your leaves.  Brush can damage our equipment and we recycle this organic material.

Brush Pick Up is provided from April 1st and continues through June 1st.
Brush will not be picked up during the summer months-so please plan accordingly! 

Clippings are never eligible for curbside pick up. During storms these materials find their way to catch basins and may cause backups in our system.  Please place brush curbside and do not mix in leaves or grass clippings.  Compost yard waste or bring it to the Town of Washington Transfer Station for disposal.  Transfer Station Passes:$45/year for Senior Citizens, $75/year,  $35 for one day pass.  Tickets may be purchased at the Town of Washington Hall located at 10 Reservoir Drive.  For further information contact the Town Clerk at (845) 677-3419.  This service is not meant for land clearing, but is offered to our residents to assist with yard upkeep.  We reserve the right to remove inappropriately prepared brush and debris and will assess a special removal fee to the property owner. 

With trout and salmon fishing season starting April 1st NYS has made it easier to enjoy great outdoor fishing.  Fishing license may be obtained at the Town of Washington Hall in the Clerk's Office located at 10 Reservoir Drive, Millbrook, NY 12545.  Hours: M-F, 9am to Noon & 1pm to 3pm.  You can also purchase and print a fishing license from home by visiting They also have reduced fishing fees, improved access for fishing at various sites across the state, and expanded fishing clinics as part of the state's NY Open for Fishing and Hunting initiative.  Anglers consider investing in alifetime fishing license that can be converted to an Adventure License and be eligible to receive a free adventure license plate for your vehicle in 1 of 9 disigns.

Millbrook will be Flushing Fire Hydrants throughout the Village Mid May. Flushing is essential for pipe maintenance.  However, it is common to experience turbidity (cloudy water) following the procedure.  Run your faucets for a few moments to clear silt from your lines and check your washing machine and shower before using.  Any questions please call the system operators VRI Environmental Services, Inc at 845-677-3839.  The Village website calendar and marquee will have specific dates posted when available ( 

Pet owners must clean up after their dogs!

Animal waste is a health hazard and unwelcome upon our sidewalks.  In an effort to assist residents, the Village has installed two dog waster stations; one at the Thorne Building and one on Merritt Avenue across from the Village Hall.  Stations are also located in the park.  We hope you take full advantage of these facilities.

Our studies have determined that the most common and easily corrected source of clean water (I & I) making its way to our sanitary system is homeowner's use of sump pumps. Pumping basements to the wastewater treatment plant puts an undue stress on our operation. This practice is prohibited under our code. Village officials will be conducting inspections so please remove any sumps from the sanitary system.