Well Drilling Update:

The long awaited bedrock well drilling, one of the alternative solutions to resolving the GWUDI issue is seeing some progress---reaching a final depth of 700 feet the well is producing 160 plus gallons per minute. As Mark, the owner of Northern Drilling, said “this is a great well, nice clear water.” The first well is a ‘test well’ to determine quantity and quality. If quality is determined to be acceptable by the Dutchess County Health Department (DCHD), the well will become a production well and the quantity that the well produces will determine if we drill one or two more wells. If the Village is able to go to a bedrock well system (preferred by DCHD) we plan on keeping the existing infiltration system with its function to be determined at a future date. Follow along with pictures and updates on the Village websites projects tab.



Letter from Mayor about the Water System
Village of Millbrook Water System

Preliminary Engineering Report


Water Advisory by the Order of the Dutchess County Department of Health

In accordance with the NYS Department of Health Regulations, the groundwater source supplying Millbrook Village has been designated as “Ground Water Under the Direct Influence of surface water (GWUDI).” Our water system is in violation of the New York State Sanitary Code requirement that treatment be installed to remove possible pathogens associated with surface water sources. All drinking water customers are being advised of this designation as it may require changes to the treatment system.
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