Public Records

Waite Report 2003 Part 1

Waite Report 2003 Part 2

Date Title Sub-Category
2014 2014-2015 Budget Budget
Sept. 2014 Draft Local Law #1 2014 for Crosswalks Local Law
April 2014 Thorne Project Settlement Thorne Building
2013/2014 Budget 2013-2014 Budget
January 2014 Annual Inflow & Infiltration Management Report Waste Water
January 2014 Memorandum of Law in Support of Request for Summary Judgment Village vs Thorne Project Thorne Building
November Thorne Project Ltd. Counterclaim Thorne Building
9/2013 Thorne Project Ltd. Complaint September 2013 Thorne Building
4/9/2013 Code of Ethics Policy
January 2013 Annual Collection System Asset Management Report Waste Water
January 2013 Fire/Rescue Contract 2013 Contract
9/1/2011 Bennett Decision & Order vs. Planning Board Bennett
5/8/2013 2012-2013 Budget Budget
5/24/2011 2011-2012 Budget Budget
11/23/2010 Bennett Preliminary Plat Cover Letter Bennett
11/23/2010 Bennett Resolution Preliminary Plat Bennett
11/23/2010 Bennett-Clouser Review Bennett
10/12/2010 Village Master Plan 1985-2000 Master Plan
8/29/2010 Bennett Unsafe Buildings Hearing Bennett
9/18/1896 Thorne Bldg Deed
1/23/2004 Thorne Bldg. Report Adelaide Camillo
8/12/2008 Thorne Building Downing Proposal
5/13/2010 2010-2011 Budget Budget
6/2010 Oil Spill Stipulation Oil Spill
6/2010 Oil Spill Corrective Action Plan Oil Spill
2010 Mixed Use in GB Local Law
2010 Compliance with Zoning Local Law
7/27/2010 Notice of Public Hearing Local Law



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