Zoning Board

Zoning Board of Appeals

Meets upon demand

Submission Deadline:
Completed applications are due by the close of business 2 weeks prior to the meeting in order to be placed on the agenda.

Upcoming Meetings

Kristen DiFiore


845-677-3939 option 4

Zoning Board Members

Mark Vila Chairperson 12/31/2025
Timothy Capowski Member 12/31/2026
Mike Flanigan Member 12/31/2024
Earl Meyers Member 12/31/2027
Keith Del Valle Member 12/31/2028

About the Zoning Board of Appeals

The board hears and decides on appeals from and reviews any order, decision and determination made by the Building Inspector. The board is empowered to modify the strict requirements of zoning adding flexibility to land use regulations through the exercise of administrative discretion concerning the unique aspects of a given lot, home location, or project.

Contact the Zoning Board

You may email the zoning board of appeals secretary directly at vomplanningandzoning@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

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