Water & Sewer Department

Scott Osborn - VRI Plant Manager

Billing: 845-677-3839 Fax: 845-677-3940
Plant: 845-677-5177 Fax: 845-677-2247

Mail payments to:
Village of Millbrook c/o VRI
1847 Route 55
LaGrangeville, NY 12540

To Pay your Water/Sewer Bill:

Mail payments to:
Village of Millbrook c/o VRI
1847 Route 55
LaGrangeville, NY 12540

Bring payments to:
Village Hall
35 Merritt Ave
Millbrook, NY 12545

Meter Readings
Readings are done the 3rd or 4th week of the following months:March

Hydrant Flushing

Office hours Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 3:00 pm or leave your payment in the lockbox outside to the left of the Village Hall front door.

Pay Online at:

Hydrant Flushing: April 19 – April 28, 2021 Flushing is essential for pipe maintenance. It is common to experience turbidity (cloudy water) following the procedure. Run your faucets for a few moments to clear silt from your lines and check your washing machine and shower before using. Any questions please call the system operators VRI Environmental Services, Inc at 845-677-3839.

January 2021 | The Village of Millbrook is proud to announce that our new water treatment facility is now officially active as of January 5, 2021 We now have a new filtration system added to the original water treatment system. This filtration system completes a $1.9 million upgrade to the Village water system that began in 2018. This upgrade includes refurbishing the water storage tank in 2019.
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January 2020 | We are excited to announce that the Village of Millbrook has launched a new customer portal for your water and sewer bills. You will be able to create an account online, see your bill and pay online using a credit card. You will also be able to make a one-time payment without registering if you choose. There will be a convenience fee added to your payment for using a credit card. You can also choose to have your bill emailed to you or still have it mailed.

To create your online account, please go to:

From here you will be able to create an account by clicking on Register here, then click on Village of Millbrook, search using your account number and phone number and then continue through the prompts to create your account. If you have having problems registering, it could be that we do not have your phone number on file. You will need to call us to have it added.

You will also still be able to pay by check via mail at no fee. If you have any questions or need help setting up your account, please call us at 845-677-3839.

Village of Millbrook Water and Sewer Rates:
Effective April 2022 (resolution 2022-003)

Village Residents: $7.25 for water and $9.00 for sewer.
Town Residents: $10.50 for water and $9.00 for sewer.
(Rates are per 1000 gallons of consumption)

Drinking Water Quality Reports