Covid Info

COVID Information

NYS Department of Health

Hotline: 1-888-364-3065

COVID-19 Test Kits

WHERE: Village Hall - 35 Merritt Ave

We still have quite a few test kits available. If you would like one please stop by the village hall during normal business hours. (M-F 9am to 3pm)

NOTE: If you are sick please do not come into the Village Hall. Please call us at 845-677-3939 option 2 and we can arrange to leave them outside our office for you.

Test Kit Flyer

What to Do If You Were Exposed to COVID-19

If you were exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 or have been told by a healthcare provider or public health authority that you were exposed, here are the steps that you should take, regardless of your vaccination status or if you have had a previous infection.

If You Test Positive for COVID-19

When to Isolate
Regardless of vaccination status, you should isolate from others when you have COVID-19. The CDC recommends you stay home for at least 5 days and isolate from others in your home. You are likely most infectious during these first 5 days.

If your results are positive, follow the full isolation recommendations below. If your results are negative, you can end your isolation.