Welcome to Village of Milbrook

Monday, October 22, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Village Hall - 35 Merritt Ave.
Kyle Van De Water (R) & Timothy Collopy (D)
Sponsored by The Millerton News

The next Board of Trustees Meeting is
Tuesday, October 23th @ 6:30 pm

Fire Hydrant Replacement
Tuesday, October 23rd & Wednesday, October, 24th
Rain Date: Thursday, October, 25th

Leaf pick up begins October 1st
and will end on Nov 30th.
Please place leaves curbside in wind rows for collection.

Village of Millbrook Trustee Debate
Cosponsored by The Lakeville Journal and League of Women Voters of the Mid-Hudson Valley

Leaf Pick-Up

Leaf pick-up is a service provided to Village Residents from October 1st to November 30th. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the dates. After November 30th the trucks used to pick up leaves are equipped with road sanders in preparation for snow so please plan accordingly.

Residents are asked to place leaves curbside in wind rows for collection.
Materials other than leaves can damage our equipment and clog the drains.

Leaf pick-up is not an ongoing service offered throughout the year. You may compost yard waste or bring it to the Town of Washington Transfer Station for disposal. Transfer station passes may be purchased at the Town of Washington Town Hall located at 10 Reservoir Drive. For more information contact the Town Clerk at (845) 677-3419.

DO NOT place leaves out for pick up after November 30th
You will be directed to make other arrangements for leaf removal. The Town of Washington Transfer Station accepts recycled goods, brush, leaves and grass with a valid permit.

DO NOT pile leaves on storm catch basins
This can cause flooding situations and clog the storm drains.

DO NOT put out grass clippings
They are never eligible for curbside pick-up. During storms these materials find their way to catch basins and may cause backups in our system.

DO NOT put out brush or debris
Brush pick-up is provided from April 1st – May 31st and the 2nd Monday of the months of July, August & September. We reserve the right to remove brush or debris and will assess a removal fee to the property owner.

DO NOT put dirt or sod in the street for removal
This is not allowed under any circumstance. This can cause costly repairs to the catch basins.

DO NOT create a traffic hazard
Please do not place leaf piles behind obstacles such as trees, cars, fire hydrants, light poles or anywhere they will interfere with traffic. Try to keep the height and width to a minimum. For safety reasons, please do not allow your children to play in the piles that are placed by the road.

Brush Pick-Up

Brush Pick Up is provided from April 1st to May 31st.
***NEW*** Starting in 2019! We will have 3 additional brush pick-up days. Brush will be also be picked up the 2nd Monday of July, August & September

Please place brush curbside and do not mix in leaves or grass clippings. Clippings are never eligible for curbside pick up. During storms these materials find their way to catch basins and may cause backups in our system. Compost yard waste or bring it to the Town of Washington Transfer Station for disposal. This service is not meant for land clearing, but is offered to our residents to assist with yard upkeep. We reserve the right to remove inappropriately prepared brush and debris and will assess a special removal fee to the property owner.

Snow Ordinance

During the period beginning December 1st and extending through March 31st, no vehicles may be parked in or upon any Village street between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.


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2018 Taxes

Village tax bills have been mailed out. If you did not receive your bill in the mail you can view your tax bill here. Enter your street number only.

The tax bill covers the period of June 1st – May 31st.

June 1 - June 30: No interest
July 1 – July 31: 5% Interest
August 1 - August 31: 6% Interest
September 1 - September 30: 7% interest
October 1 – October 31: 8% interest

Current Projects

Thorne Building - click here.

Water & Sewer

Questions about your bill? Please contact VRI @ (845) 677-3839

Trash & Recycling

Please click here to learn more about trash and recycling.

Report an Outage

To report a power outage please call 845-452-2700 or report it online

If you see a street lamp out, please help us by reporting it.

You can also email us at clerk@villageofmillbrookny.com Please be sure to include the street location.

Village of Millbrook Mobile App

The purpose of the Village of Millbrook app is to give residents an all in one, user friendly place where they can obtain village information such as contact information, events, board meetings, leaf and brush removal days, water/sewer information, road closures, alerts and more! It will also provide out of towners an easy place to take advantage of all the great places, events and businesses in the Village of Millbrook and surrounding areas.

Now available for download on Google Play.

iPhone Instructions

1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone
2. Go to www.villageofmillbrookny.com and scroll down to "iPhone Instructions"
3. Click Web App to open up application
4. Click the "Action Button" at the bottom of the browser.
5. Click "Add to Home Screen" (you may have to scroll to the right to see it)
6. Create a name for the app then click "Add"
Step by Step Guide:

img The Village of Millbrook is a small country village 80 miles north of Manhattan. Located in the scenic Hudson Valley, 1.5 hours drive upstate of New York City, Millbrook is home to horse farms, a quaint village life and some of the best antique shopping in the region. Come to Millbrook to explore one of the many attractions the area has to offer. Restaurants offer a variety of cuisine and there are over 20 eateries in a 10 mile radius. An abundance of shops are sprinkled throughout the village. If you plan to spend the night and require accommodations there are Bed & Breakfasts featuring castles to country homes. Bring the kids, family or come to Millbrook for a romantic getaway in this beautiful rural community in Upstate New York, Millbrook.



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October 21, 2018
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