Board of Trustees Emergency Meeting to be held Friday 10/27 at 3pm

Please be advised that the Board of Trustees will hold an emergency meeting on Friday, 10/27 at 3:00 pm at the Village Hall to discuss the sidewalk project.

Village of Millbrook Board of Trustees Agenda
Friday, 10/27/2023 – 3 PM
Location: Village Hall, 35 Merritt Avenue, Millbrook

Residents are welcome to attend in-person.
This meeting will broadcast live on our YouTube Channel & then will be posted to the Village website

  1. Open Meeting: Pledge of allegiance & roll call of trustees
    1. Old Business: Sidewalk project
      1. Review revised quote – T. Harvey, Rennia Engr
      2. Board discussion & vote to accept work change orders
  2. Public Comments
  3. Next Regular Board Meeting – Wednesday, 11/8/2023 – 6PM
  4. Adjournment

Any questions, please contact Mayor Collopy at or 845-677-3939 option 5