Central Hudson’s Line Clearance Program

Just wanted to pass along information we received from Central Hudson
Dear Customer:
During the next several months, Line Clearance crews will be working in your area to clear overgrown vegetation and in some cases cut trees and limbs that may interfere with Central Hudson’s electric lines and facilities. These lines are typically located along streets and roadways, but may also be located upon private property.
Trees are the primary cause of electric service interruptions, and Central Hudson routinely performs line clearance activities to address potential safety concerns and reduce the possibility of prolonged outages. Although not all tree related problems can be completely prevented, Central Hudson’s Line Clearance Program has proven to reduce the severity of tree related damage and the overall duration of electric service Interruptions.
Central Hudson follows recognized industry line clearance practices and standards within the limitations of existing easements and equipment capabilities that can include:
  • Cut/remove tree species, shrubs and vines incompatible with utility corridors
  • Achieving minimum side clearances of 10 feet along primary lines
  • Clear overhanging limbs from above primary lines
While crews do not clear electric service lines to homes and businesses nor along customer-owned electric lines, you may contact Central Hudson at the numbers listed below for assistance with these matters.
For more information on how Central Hudson works to improve your service reliability, visit https://www.cenhud.com/Trees If you have any questions about Central Hudson’s Line Clearance program, please call (845) 452-2700 or 1-800-527-2714 to speak with a Customer Service Representative, who will connect you with the appropriate field supervisor in your area.
Yours truly,
Michael J. Gallucci
Director, Line Clearance
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.