Leaf Pick-Up Oct 1 thru Nov 30

Leaf pick-up is a service provided to Village Residents from October 1st to November 30th. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the dates. After November 30th the trucks used to pick up leaves are equipped with road sanders in preparation for snow so please plan accordingly.

Residents are asked to place leaves curbside in wind rows for collection. LEAVES ONLY – NO BRUSH, GRASS OR DEBRIS. Materials other than leaves can damage our equipment and clog the drains.

What if I still have leaves after November 30th?

After November 30th, you may compost yard waste or bring it to the Town of Washington Transfer Station for disposal. Transfer station passes may be purchased at the Town of Washington Town Hall located at 10 Reservoir Drive. For more information contact the Town Clerk at (845) 677-3419.

Leaf Pick-Up No-No’s
We ask that you follow the below rules in order to avoid damage to our equipment & catch basins.

  • DO NOT pile leaves on storm catch basins – This can cause flooding situations and clog the storm drains.
  • DO NOT put out grass clippings – They are never eligible for curbside pick-up. During storms these materials find their way to catch basins and may cause backups in our system.
  • DO NOT put out brush or debris – Brush pick-up is provided from April 1st – May 31st and the 2nd Monday of the months of July, August & September. We reserve the right to remove brush or debris and will assess a removal fee to the property owner.
  • DO NOT put dirt or sod in the street for removal – This is not allowed under any circumstance. This can cause costly repairs to the catch basins.
  • DO NOT create a traffic hazard – Please do not place leaf piles behind obstacles such as trees, cars, fire hydrants, light poles or anywhere they will interfere with traffic. Try to keep the height and width to a minimum. For safety reasons, please do not allow your children to play in the piles that are placed by the road.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions regarding leaf pick-up please call the Highway Department at 845-677-3022.