Mayor’s Monthly: March 2023

Mayor’s Monthly Newsletter
Volume 3 Issue 3

In This Issue:

  • Snowstorm Clean-Up
  • 2023-2024 Budget
  • Bennett Park Sewer Pump Station
  • Tree City USA Award
  • Neighborhood Tag Sale
  • Memorial Day Parade
  • Community Day
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Stanford Rd Bridge Replacement
  • Water Tower Fence Replacement
  • Vehicle & Traffic Law
  • Village Hall Water Fountain
  • New Hires Under Consideration
Emergency Alert 09-28-2023: A water main break has occurred on COUNTY HOUSE RD on Thursday Sept 28th. Our water department crew is on location making repairs. Please note that the water will need to be shut off in order to make repairs and should take a few hours to complete. This ONLY EFFECTS residents on County House Road, Oak Summit Road, Maple Hill Drive & Old Route 82. Questions? Please call VRI @ 845-677-3839. We appreciate your patience as we conduct the repairs. Thank you for your cooperation.